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Create a VisualEditor plugin tool to add/edit Listings
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Author: lukebenes

I see from [ The Accomodations Listing suggested style you want people to continue to use the wikitravel tags. But I do not see any tools to automate the process.

If you look at the Add and Edit Listing Feature listing like those that can be found [ here] and [ here]? You'll see there is a tool to edit these tag.

This tags is extremely useful to organize data and make quick edits. For example, I have fixed many incorrect phone numbers and addresses using this helpful tool. Please consider adding this feature the MediaWiki.

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lukebenes wrote:

There is a discussion about this feature on the wikivoyage site here:

Looking at our roadmap, the implementation of this feature looks more like a candidate for a VisualEditor plugin.

MediaWiki core features must be generic enough for different wikis and must be reviewed and integrated by core maintainers. Visual Editor plugins can be developed by anybody and it is perfecty ok to have them for very specific purposes e.g. a Wikivoyage plugin.

Actually, on reflection this should live in the Extension we're talking about, and block against a tracker for such creations in VE itself. Sorry to mess this around.

We weren't talking about any extension. This report was filed against MediaWiki core. Happy to move it to the right place, as long as we know what is the right place.

Luke, are you saying those tags were created in the Wikitravel times? If so, it would be useful to know how did they handle them.

This is about the Listings extension which is unique (in Wikimedia land) to Wikivoyage -

It creates the following tags:


They are used to provide structured mark-up and hinting of recommendations for WV listings of places to go.

Sorry for the confusion. :-)

lukebenes wrote:

Have you taken a look at WP:HOTCAT?

HotCat is a JavaScript program that helps registered users easily remove, change and add categories to Wikipedia pages. This is very similar to the functionality that we need for the Listing Editor.

Note that, in my view, this is not a blocker for enabling the visual editor on Wikivoyages for all users. This is because almost no uses of <listing>s are done directly in wikitext, but instead through a template, which could do with some TemplateData love, but is supported fine already.

If you think I'm wrong please shout. :-)

Since listings are highly structured and can be shared across several Wikivoyage language versions, Wikidata editing should be implemented before rolling this out. I added T141345 for this.

Note also that there is, a tool especially designed for editing listings.

Since listings are highly structured and can be shared across several Wikivoyage language versions, Wikidata editing should be implemented before rolling this out.

Certainly, I think storing this data in Wikidata would be a good move. I'm not absolutely sure it should happen first, but I suppose it depends on who wants to work on what. :-)

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