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Support ORES
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Johan: Support ORES by having taken projects to at least 15 new steps.

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What needs to happen to consider this individual quarterly goal done?

I'm beginning to suspect this was a badly phrased quarterly goal.

What do you want to do with it. Summary of what was done and closing as Declined? Summary plus keep working on it until reaching 15 projects? Else?

Meanwhile, I am removing it to the Jul-Sep quarterly sprint because I am archiving it.

Johan, looks like either Keegan is working on something similar, or another CL will, at some point? I don't think you volunteered to be the CL for ORES now that we're more or less supporting it a bit more officially?

@Elitre No, I wanted to support ORES, but as we were talking about this, PDFs had just landed in my lap and I felt it would probably get more of the attention it needed if someone else would take care of it.