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build php5-mailparse for jessie?
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Running Phabricator on jessie has currently this blocker:

E: Unable to locate package php5-mailparse

on #debian there is the useful bot "judd" by the way, which tells us:

16:01 < mutante> and what could maybe replace it on jessie
16:02 < hwk> manual compile?
16:02 < missmbob> ,v php-mailparse
16:02 < judd> Package: php-mailparse on amd64 -- stretch: 3.0.1+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1; sid: 3.0.1+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1

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Dzahn created this task.

oops, sorry, this is a duplicate of T138689