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upload php-mailparse and python-phabricator to jessie
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these two packages are needed for phabricator. as phab2001.codfw.wmnet is running jessie we need these packages to be available on jessie. I don't think they will need any porting, I think we just need to upload the packages to jessie. They are currently available in trusty/universe and trusty/main, respectively.

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@mmodell python-phabricator (0.6.1-1) has been backported into Jessie (from Debian Stretch) in T142097.
A sanity check should be done to ensure that it works properly with the current code in given that our package for Trusty has the 0.4.0.

I'm actually not sure what does :-/

@Volans: From python-phabricator's changelog, it looks like nothing major has changed, at least nothing which should affect us.

@mmodell is a an intermediary between an MTA and phabricator to be able to handle special cases.
Yes from the changelog it doesn't seems to have changed much, I was just pointing that also this piece should be tested to ensure that it works properly when you'll be ready with the setup of phab2001.

python-phabricator is done and installed on phab2001, cool

but we still need php5-mailparse which puppet fails to install

< judd> Package: php-mailparse on amd64 -- stretch: 3.0.1+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1; sid: 3.0.1+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1

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Backport the one from stretch?

< judd> Package: php-mailparse on amd64 -- stretch: 3.0.1+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1; sid: 3.0.1+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1

@mmodell: The php-mailparse package currently in Debian stretch uses a fairly recent modern packaging and a few build dependencies which are not available in jessie or jessie-backports. If the 2.1.6 package currently available in operations/deb/mailparse is sufficiently recent, I'd recommend to build that one for jessie-wikimedia and only move to the native Debian package once we migrate Phabricator to Debian stretch.

@MoritzMuehlenhoff: That's what I was trying to suggest with my previous comment. What we have now works, though I haven't tried to compile it for jessie I can't think of a reason it wouldn't work. I can't do the upload though, that requires someone from operations.

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php-mailparse 2.1.6-1~jessie1 has been built for jessie-wikimedia and uploaded to carbon. Closing the bug since python-phabricator has already been provided via T142097.