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<mapframe>: Remove empty div with thumbcaption class
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If no text parameter in <mapframe> is given an empty thumbcaption-class div is placed in the source code. Of course it is empty but the thumbcaption class defines a 3px padding and therefore a big empty space is shown.

Example of html code generated:

<div class="mw-kartographer-container thumb tright">
<div class="thumbinner" style="width: 300px;">
<div class="mw-kartographer-map" mw-data="interface" ...
<div class="thumbcaption"></div>

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Change 314794 had a related patch set uploaded (by MaxSem):
Don't add empty thumbcaption

MaxSem moved this task from Backlog to Needs review on the Maps-Sprint board.

A while ago I raised this issue with @JGirault, and I was told that it is actually by design, similar to how [[File:example.jpg|frame]] and [[File:example.jpg|frame|caption]] function - they produces the same image as a map without and with the caption. So unless we want mapframe to function differently from the framed images, we should keep it as is.

This is indeed exactly as core does this as well.

BTW. we really should fix core to be able to generate a framewrapper for content that is not a File: so that we can:
1: not duplicate code for thumb frames
2: fix issues like this in a central location

Change 314794 abandoned by MaxSem:
Don't add empty thumbcaption


Deskana subscribed.

This is not a pressing issue, and it does not affect users significantly. This cannot be prioritised right now.

debt removed projects: Patch-For-Review, Maps-Sprint.
debt subscribed.

Moving off the sprint board - the Discovery team won't be able to do this work at this time.

We decided to keep it as it is for consistency with image thumbnails. If images change Kartographer can change too, but introducing subtle differences in look & feel is bad.