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Add `has-label` CSS class or similar to fieldLayout
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In making the white-space between different form widgets harmonious, an additional CSS class on fieldLayouts is needed.
Widgets without labels have to feature a slightly higher margin than the ones with.

A special problem are Checkbox- and RadioInputWidgets that have labels, but they are on the same line with the widget.

T148256 Example Form.png (823×794 px, 86 KB)

Example form taken from M101

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Volker_E lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Oct 14 2016, 11:42 PM
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Well, in order to have a selector with leverage here, it needs to be at the fieldLayout level…

I'm not sure what you mean. .oo-ui-labelElement still looks exactly like what you want.

Err, where did I look at?!? Seems like all we need is already there. Will leave this open till after a patch with amendments to margins as part of parent task.

As @matmarex mentioned, .oo-ui-labelElement is in it's current addition sufficient for differentiating form inputs as designed.