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Some date inputs without a day are parsed as having a day
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I've seen a couple of cases recently where a date is parsed as having a day when it clearly doesn't:

"Sept 1966" is parsed as "1 September 1966" when I would expect "September 1966"

", 1966" is parsed as "18 November 1966" when I would expect either "1966" or an error.

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These are very welcome test cases. Thanks a lot for submitting this ticket!

The answer for both cases (and many more, e.g. the issue in T131625) is the PhpDateTimeParser based on PHPs build-in date-time parsing we are using as a fallback.

The second example ", 1966" is completed with the current month, day, and time, and results in "+1966-06-08T15:39:06Z". This is blocked by our validator because we don't accept date values with a time of day.

The first example is because "Sept" is not an abbreviation our parsers know about, but PHPs build-in parser obviously understands it. Unfortunately PHP doesn't tell us the precision.

There are already many heuristics in place in the PhpDateTimeParser, e.g. see Unfortunately I can not think of a simple fix for the "Sept" example. The solution I would like to see is us getting rid of this parser, and replace it with our own. This needs time.

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The main issue from this ticket is solved. The time component just needs a release. I will try to do this as soon as possible.