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Cannot collapse/uncollapse headings: TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of null(…)
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The MobileFormatter:prepareHeadings method is over-zealous about which headings are collapsible. This could be leading to various edge cases where headings work inappropriately resulting in strange UI's being exposed to our readers.

Suggested implementation

As @TheDJ suggests this could be remedied by a refactor of MobileFormatter::makeSections.

  • Repurpose prepareHeadings to prepareHeading
  • Before inserting sectionBody a call to prepareHeading should be run on the $node (the heading)

Acceptance Criteria

  • Add a test to capture the example in - expected behaviour is that the heading inside the infobox should not have 'section-heading' class or an onlick event.
  • In certain cases no headings should be transformed, for example any headings inside a div e.g. "Off the beaten path" in this example should be left untouched.
Headings_in_infobox:60 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'className' of null(…)

Sign off notes

  • Update T130898 to reflect any changes as a result of this work

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@ovasileva making normal as it's an edge case.

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Happy to review a patch from a volunteer if someone wants to have a go at this!

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The fault tree of this problem is
1: skins.minerva.toggling/init.js tries to upgrade window.mfTempOpenSection to a 'mobile.toggle/Toggler'
2: it filters headers as follows: $container.find( '> h1,> h2,> h3,> h4,> h5,> h6' ). This is correct for Toggler, but not for this situation, since mfTempOpenSection is added to EVERY header initially. It's original addition does not match this filter.
3: Because of this mismatch in the 'upgrade', the onclick handler is not removed from this 'ineligible' header.
4: At the same time the Toggler initialisation will fail for this header
5: After the skipped onclick removal, it also does: delete window.mfTempOpenSection; to remove this function from the global context
6: That however never works, since delete doesn't operate on non-configurable properties of an object, which this is. And I have no idea why you would do this to begin with, since the global scope is already polluted, cleaning up doesn't really seem useful
7: Thus when clicking the 'non-eligible'-header (because in an infobox), you hit the window.mfTempOpenSection function.
8: The clickhandler function tries to find the section var block=document.getElementById("mf-section-"+id);, but the section was never added, since this is an 'ineligible' header, so the block is not in the HTML
9: The block variable is directly used, without checking if it was actually found.
10: JS error thrown.

Suggested solution:
Change MobileFormatter::prepareHeadings into MobileFormatter::prepareHeading, and prep only those headings for which a section has been created as well (See MobileFormatter::makeSections)

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Description needs to be clearer.

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Change 353293 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson; owner: Jdlrobson):
[mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend@master] Only wrap top level headings

Change 353293 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend@master] Only wrap top level headings

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@ABorbaWMF: Could you test section collapsing (clicking on top-level headings to hide/show their content) works as expected on

I can verify that clicking on "Heading" on no longer causes an error.

Tested against a few pages on beta using different combinations of devices and browsers using browserstack. Everything looks good.

@phuedx If you've tested the error case, I think this can move to signoff.

@Jdlrobson wrote the change and I tested and merged it. Who's the lucky signer offer?

This is a technical task and @ABorbaWMF has tested and the beta cluster example is now working as expected. I've added a note to test the Wikivoyage example in the calendar.

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