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Complete documentation about different types of caching for extension developers
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As an extension developer, I often ran into issues where my code would not be executed / updated due to some cache hit in earlier parts of the code. Documentation is spread out all over MediaWiki, and incomplete.

Who would benefit

Extension developers who write code that dynamically changes page content and need to know when and how to invalidate the caches.

Proposed solution

A good starting point is We need to complete the information missing for some cache types. A rough description of which caches are used when in the execution order would be extremely helpful (maybe in relation to some central hooks). Also, some information of how these caches can be invalidated within the code and in general should be added.

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Thanks @Mglaser for bringing this up. is actually a fairly recently addition to in its current form. I wrote it last year following a major refactoring and subsequent simplification of object cache entry points.

For the most part, our cache interfaces have been reduced to only three (local, cluster, and main). The actual number of caching layers as used logically by the application for different purposes is much greater and requires more documentation indeed. The manual page lists a few, but is far from complete.

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