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Investigate if it is legally okay to have h264 decoder run on production and/or labs, or provide the decoder in JS for a browser to run
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[18:51]	<brion> oh yeah one other problem with those: legal (ffmpeg JS conversion)
[18:51]	<brion> since it compiles and ships an h.264 decoder

We'd need to run this through legal to use anything in production; it's already potentially dubious to let an unlicensed h.264 decoder run on labs.

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brion added a comment.Feb 8 2017, 8:31 PM

So there's two separate questions:

  1. can we run an h.264 decoder (via ffmpeg) on a service in production that converts from files we don't serve directly


  1. can we ship a JavaScript h.264 decoder (ffmpeg compiled to JS) in a web page

I'm thinking 2) is unfeasible, but 1) _might_ simply be a case of having a licensed ffmpeg for a few server seats. Or might not. We never quite figured out what they want last time through since we concentrated on the serving of h.264.

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