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Wikisource and ProofreadPage improvements
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It is my first attempt in competitions like this.
I want to describe my plan for this summer of code.

  1. Clicking on "previous 100"( ) we can't go back to the previous list while clicking on "next 100".
  2. Converting pages( defined in the includes/index/EditProofreadIndexPage ) to OOjsUI.
  3. Create auto-validate privilege( a way to bypass the restriction on validating your own work ).
  4. Pages editing interface, when the user is zooming in, a higher resolution thumbnail should be used.

If you interested in, please give me feedback :)

Event Timeline

@SweatC: Did you talk to the assignee @amritsreekumar before creating this task for them? In case this is a GSoC proposal that you yourself plan to work on, please see and edit / correct this task.

@Aklapper: Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it.
I didn`t read all rules, so I will edit my proposal soon.

@Yann, @SweatC: Why is @SweatC's GSoC 2017 proposal (=this task) assigned to a different person (@amritsreekumar) ?

@Yann, removing @amritsreekumar as task assignee. The parent task is open to participants to submit proposals to and the selected student can work on the project once the decision for the student of this project has been made. This is @SweatC 's proposal and has to be assigned to him.

Sorry, but this isn't exactly true. On Thu, Mar 2, 2:47 PM, @amritsreekumar volunteered for this project. I have accepted @amritsreekumar on Sat, Mar 18, 12:13 PM after taking to him. See T128840
So I don't think it is good that SweatC claimed this project afterwards.

Hi @Yann,

If this is a Google Summer of Code project, as it appears to be, you cannot do that. See:

You cannot accept a student for GSoC until they have successfully submitted their application both here and on the Google website until after the application deadline, which is April 3. Even if you recommend a student for acceptance, there is no guarantee there will be enough spots for all projects as Google will allocate us a certain number of spots. And you certainly cannot announce who has been selected until May 4th; this information is embargoed until then. See:

Further, it is *expected* that multiple people apply to the same project. In GSoC, you cannot simply claim a project by getting there first. Submitting a project proposal for a project someone has already expressed interest in is not the same as "claiming this project afterwards" - it is an expected and a good part of the process, because it means that multiple students are interested in the project, and this will raise the overall quality of the microtasks and proposals.

It is a difficult thing, I know, to have multiple qualified candidates and to be required to reject one or more, but it is the nature of the program.

Hi, Sorry for the misunderstanding. I have edited the original proposal.

As mentors will soon be reviewing applications, if your proposal is complete, move it to the submitted column. Thanks!