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Hold a translate-a-thon
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This is an umbrella task to which preparation and follow-up tasks can be tied.
These have in previous years been a productive way to increase the translation coverage of the MediaWiki interface and doing is as a group exercise allowed many ambiguous terms to be discussed and the language to become more standardized.

The date for this is January 30 2023.

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This will be done in 2018 instead. The task will be moved to WMSE-Bug-Reporting-and-Translation-2018.

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Axel will take the lead on this.

@AxelPettersson_WMSE The plan is to hold this in November. It's primarily meant for staff but ideally it would be placed in the afternoon so that volunteers can join at some point (while some staff might head home).

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Although this is an old task it would still be nice to do something like this in 2020

Although this is an old task it would still be nice to do something like this in 2020

I agree it would be fun and worthwhile to do.

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Removing task assignee due to inactivity, as this open task has been assigned to the same person for more than two years (see the emails sent to the task assignee on Oct27 and Nov23). Please assign this task to yourself again if you still realistically [plan to] work on this task - it would be welcome.
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@Jopparn still relevant for 2022? Or should I move it to 2022 and we can revise it when we set up the project?

Yes, I very much think that this should be a yearly activity.

Start plan for a Translate-a-thon at our staff days in Stockholm around 2–3 October 2022. Days are preliminary and it could also be a part of Impact day 30 september.

Not in the program for staff days. Postpone the task and plan for the workshop in December.

Take a look at these tasks T274112 and T267841 and to plan in working document.

Scheduled for 2023-01-30.
See for creating an account and do the first translations to get a verified account.

Translate-a-thon done

  • Translations, 245 (not checked for translations from outside WMSE staff).
  • Reviews, 139 (not checked for reviews from outside WMSE staff).
  • Some issues and tasks created to fix bad messages.
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