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Notify user when someone else creates a user-subpage for them
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Feature request: "editors should receive a notification when another editor or a bot creates a subpage of either their user page or their user talk page." - @Steel1943

Benefits: "assisting editors detect possible vandalism or misplaced pages in their user space"

Requested at -- (permalink)
There is some discussion about whether or not bots should trigger the notification.

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As I said in that discussion, I would give my strongest possible support to this feature for reasons I already listed in that discussion.

Page creations in my userpace is something I have to actively look for, I don't know of a way to watchlist them. Edits by other users to my userspace should show up on my watchlist, so it's a bit less concerning.

Strongly support this. I just had a vandal create attack pages directed at me in my Userspace, I was very surprised that I received no notification of this.