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make Rangi [lag] available as a defined language in UniversalLanguageSelector
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When setting my preferences under, 'user profile' tag, I can choose 'more language settings', and Kilaangi appears under 'suggested languages'. However, whereas all the other suggestions are defined (e.g. Deutsch as 'German', hrvatski as 'Croatian' etc), Kilaangi appears as 'undefined'. I was told by Mbch331 that this has to do with ULS and I need to file a new bug report in order for Kilaangi to be defined as 'Rangi' - which I have done herewith.

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Baba_Tabita renamed this task from define Rangi as language in language settings to make Rangi [lag] available as a defined language in UniversalLanguageSelector.Jul 21 2017, 5:13 PM
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ULS already supports this language], that's why it appears in the list.

But MediaWiki core won't support it as interface language until its translations meets the threshold in