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ListeriaBot logs in 35000 times a day
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maxsem@mwlog1001:/srv/mw-log$ grep ListeriaBot archive/badpass.log-20170821 | wc -l
maxsem@mwlog1001:/srv/mw-log$ grep ListeriaBot archive/badpass.log-20170821 | grep '"successful":true' | wc -l

Is everything all right with it?

As of late June 2020, it's upto around 35000 a day

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It was written to do single edits, so it does log in before each one. I can try and change it if it's a problem?

You really ought to. Simply using a session cookie to retain the login data will save some major resources IMO.

Migrating to OAuth would solve this problem as well.

Reedy renamed this task from ListeriaBot logs in 28000 times a day to ListeriaBot logs in 35000 times a day.Jul 1 2020, 3:08 PM
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With fixing all other bots, now 26% of all logins across all of cluster is ListeriaBot. If this continues, we will block the bot.

Ladsgroup assigned this task to Magnus.

This is done.