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[BUG] Wikidata description for Simple English should be shown on Simple English articles if it differs from the value for English
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open an article in Simple English Wikipedia - e.g. "Algae" - which by default uses the Wikidata description for English.
  2. Change the Wikidata description to use a different description, expressed in simpler language.


The Wikidata description that is associated with the Algae article on Simple English should be updated to the new description.


The Wikidata description continues to show the description for English (EN), even though a new "Simple English" description row has now been added to the entry for Algae on Wikidata

Event Timeline

The action API on Simple English Wikipedia returns the "regular" English description for Algae despite a separate one being defined for Simple English:

Based on other issues in ContentTranslation having to do with the Simple English language code (see T110190 for related discussion) I have a hunch this isn't a MediaWiki API problem but rather an underlying config issue.

I thought simple shouldn't be used at Wikidata and gets cleaned out regularly.

Yeah it definitely needs use the simple version if there is one. Would be silly that it used non-simple english for the description when using wikidata as it goes against the purpose of the project.

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