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Investigate the effort for a two col mobile diff
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Based on the mock for a two col mobile diff. Check the effort needed to implement that.

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We've discussed this in the context of the wish T139603: Show text changes when moving text chunks (#2) which we're trying to resolve.
We came to the conclusion that this would require a major re-write of wikidiff2 as it would require generating responsive output which only the inline-diff part of wikidiff2 is doing. The two-column diff part is still making use of tables which don't go well with responsive designs. After all, this would not only affect the mobile view but also desktop as it makes sense to only have one codebase for generating a two-column diff. So, mocks for mobile and desktop views would be necessary as well as user-testing before an implementation phase would start.

In parallel, we've estimated the effort for implementing our original plan of showing changes in moved paragraphs also in inline diffs (T178382). Since @jkroll estimated this as roughly 2 weeks, we strongly suggest going this way.