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Parameter for linking a new page to the Wikidata
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We need to create a GET parameter that will allow us to specify the ID of the Wikidata item when creating a new page in wiki projects. In case this parameter is specified, then

  1. the article in the preview should be able to get values from the Wikidata item, as if it is linked to the item,
  2. after saving the page, it should automatically link to the Wikidata.

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Kateryna is working on this:

Please ping or write something in the discussion page if you want to know more about that project.

This is very good idea,. However, the task description is slightly too technical, e.g can someone add a kind of "user story" to explain how a regular user is expected to link between the article to be created and Wikidata entity? (I'm missing what, if any, user interface support for it should be made)

I imagine that the following UI components are to be affected:

  1. wikitext editor - some additional field (possibly with autocomplete) to link to entity
  2. VisualEditor - it should be possible in the advanced options to link article to item
  3. ContentTranslation - content translation should be aware to it without explicitly setting the item.

If this is correct, this means 2 implementations in the backend side?

  1. index.php?action=edit - e.g for the classic usage
  2. RESTBase-API the new contenttranslation is using REST-base and we need it there too (see also T199310)