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Gadget: Autosuggest linking Wikidata item after creating an article
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Original Wish

Problem: Someone creates an article in Language A Wikipedia, but he does not know there is already the same article in Language B Wikipedia (often a smaller language version), so no Wikidata linkage is made. I have seen many cases between Chinese Wikipedia (zh) and Cantonese Wikipedia (yue).
Proposed solution: After creating an article in Wikipedia, there would be a popup which guides the user to link the Wikidata item. The system will search if there is the same name or similar name of sitelinks already existing in any Wikidata item, if so, the results are listed and the user has to judge whether it is suitable to link. If no existing Wikidata is suitable to link, user can also choose to create a new Wikidata item immediately.
Who would benefit: Wikipedia article creators in all languages


This gadget was developed during the Spring Community Tech WMF Hackathon. The requirements below are meant to be abstracted information without being too invasive. We do not want to betray the intricate details of accuracy of the last time someone was active, we just want to provide useful information about their level of recent engagement on the platforms.


As a user of this gadget, I am be able to:

  • See a list of auto suggested site links for the new created article.
  • Save selected wikidata items related to new created article.


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