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Drop search indexes on wb_terms table
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By migrating to elastic search as backend of search we don't need the search indexes anymore and these index are gigantic, dropping them help storage issues greatly.

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This basically asks for:

Drop the following fields:

`term_search_key` varbinary(255) NOT NULL,
`term_weight` float unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',

Drop the following indexes:

KEY `tmp1` (`term_language`,`term_type`,`term_entity_type`,`term_search_key`),
KEY `term_search_full` (`term_language`,`term_full_entity_id`,`term_type`,`term_search_key`(16))

Possible also drop:

KEY `wb_terms_text` (`term_text`),

Given the numbers of regressions that pop up, I believe we should wait quite a while before dropping anything we might want to revert to.

Addshore added a subscriber: Addshore.

The table is being dropped in T208425
Thus dropping just the indexes is no longer the target, and why will decline this task