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Update the information on the wiki about the financial work
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Update the information on WMSE's wiki about the financial work/routines. A new version of the text need to be created based on best practice, preferably in a Google Drive document. Be sure to consult OPAD about the content. Share the text with John and Sven-Erik for approval before updating the wiki.

The following pages need updating:

  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Attesteringar
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Autogiro
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/avstämningar
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Bokföring av fakturor
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Indirekta kostnader
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Izettle
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Kontrasignering
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Manuell hantering av medlemskap
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Rutiner för traktamenten
  • Ekonomiska rutiner/Swish

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