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Improve user warning messages for failed 'Thank' actions
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1, When a user exceeds the allowed number of 'Thank' actions, the warning message is too general - 'Thank' action is never mentioned.

  1. When a user session is ended, a failed Thank warning is too technical - error code:notloggedin

New language:

  • For #1 above: I'd like to say what the limit is, so users know for next time, but Elena believes that the limit differs by wiki. And we're not sure if it's a limit per session, per day, etc. Are we able to get that limit info easily, so as to put it into a message? E.g.: You have exceeded the limit for thanks, which is X per Y on this wiki. @Catrope? @Mattflaschen-WMF? (If not, I'll write something more general.)
  • For #2, above: The thank action was unsuccessful. Please try again.

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