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Per-branch access control in code repositories
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Gerrit has fine-grained per-branch ACLs. I haven't been able to find documentation for access control in Phabricator. For feature parity with Gerrit, we'll at least need to lock down approval rights to certain user groups on a per-branch basis, with wildcard support (for all branches, grant approval rights to group X, but for branches of the form wmf/*, grant approval rights only to the deployers group).

See also: T184: Inherited settings and access control for code repositories


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Move logstash checker code into scaprepos/releng/scap!358dancymaster-I8ec33a8cdad453e35e3c67840f3e0ee843d28dadmaster
Customize query in GitLab

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How relevant is this feature?

It's useful for deployment, but otherwise not terribly useful I think (others may disagree).

We could work around the deployment case if we had to.

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Herald can be used to create very fine-grained rules about which commits to accept.

Here's just a simple example I came up with to illustrate:

herald-commit-rule-example.png (444×1 px, 43 KB)

It might be useful to have explicit examples from Gerrit's ACLs that we need to reproduce (or not, we can debate them).

After reading the backscroll in -releng, it seems Mukunda and Chad think we're good here, don't take my previous comment as a statement of "thou shalt do this" ;)

The main per-branch ACL we have right now is +2 and submit on wmf/* branches is limited to people in the wmf-deployment group, but +2 on all other branches is granted to the "mediawiki" group AFAIK.

The fun bit from IRC:

+ostriches> Although, if we do the Right Thing and move the deployment repo to a fork of MW and stop using submodules, we won't have need for those wmf/* branches everywhere.

Herald has a ref name condition,

Ref nameMatches Regexpwmf/.+
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Phabricator supports this fully and flexibly.