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Show wikidata descriptions on wikipedias
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T184000 and the linked RFC shows us that having multiple portals / UIs to what is apparently the same site where different data can be shown can cause us problems.

Currently the wikidata descriptions are only shown / only accessible and editable via the wikipedia mobile apps and not at all via the web UI (unless you go to wikidata directly).

99.9% of 'power users' / users that deal with vandalism use the desktop view and not an app, which means vandalism and changes of the descriptions, which are shown in the wikipedia app, are missed by the community that works on wikipedia. This is an issue.

This ticket doesn't say how it is motivated. My understanding is that it's about Wikipedia editors wanting more control over the data, to prevent vandalism. To allow this, I'd propose the following:

  • expose the short description (and perhaps also the label) on desktop page views. This is trivial enough, the only question is where to show it.
  • to do that, the description (and labels) need to be recorded in the ParserOutput. This can be done by hooking into the parsing process. If the magic word is present, record the description from that. If not, pull the description from wikidata, and record that, and track that usage via wikidata usage tracking.

This way, changes to the descriptions will show up on recentchanges/watchlists, so the community can patrol them. They also become visible to desktop users, so vandalism can be detected. And it's still possible to override the description from wikidata, if desired.

I think this would provide the community with the necessary tools to have control of the content, without the need of duplicating millions of descriptions just so edits show up in watchlists.

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Many wikis use Yair rand's WikidataInfo.js as a gadget, it's worth taking a look at that.

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Would it be possible for a wikipedia project to have wikidata short descriptions exposed on desktop page views and be able to monitor changes to these descriptions on recentchanges and watchlists?