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Changing default image thumbnail size on Swedish Wikipedia
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Hello o mighty developers!

On the Swedish Wikipedia, we have recently discussed the default size for thumbnail images, which is currently set to 180px. As this is not very much in today's world, and especially the IT-friendly Swedish-speaking regions, people manually enforce a higher resolution (by the size attribute in the image wikicode). We would like to avoid this, and provide a richer experience for our not logged in readers, by raising the default value to 250px. We believe that this is done by adjusting $wgDefaultUserOptions['thumbsize'] to 4 instead of 2, but I suppose you know what you are doing.

The relevant discussion can be found at, and an earlier discussion on the same subject can be found at


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I see no change at the Swedish Wikipedia (svwiki), but on Saami Wikipedia (sewiki) thumbnails are larger. Was the setting by mistake applied to the wrong Wikipedia?

jeluf wrote:

Oops.... Well spotted. I've set it for sewiki.

PS: Please change the status of a bug to "REOPENED" if it hasn't been fixed or the fix doesn't work. If the ticket is closed, it will not pop up in my task list.

The introduction of the vector skin changed the default thumbnail size to 360px, which we find too large. Please change it back to our community decision, 250px.

There is some discussion at it here:

// User:Plrk

My mistake, sorry about that. Changed to back to 250px.

The issue happened because svwiki has less thumbnail sizes. Otherwise, it would have changed from 250px to the new global default (bug 21117) of 220px.

Per bug 67709, the rest of the cluster is going to move to a default of 300px; does svwiki really want to stay at 250px?

I've asked at the village pump. I'd say it's time to fall back in line with other wikipedias though.

(In reply to Plrk from comment #8)

I've asked at the village pump. I'd say it's time to fall back in line with
other wikipedias though.