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Request mw.wikibase to be enabled for thwikt
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I must request mw.wikibase to be enabled for Thai Wiktionary. It is needed to run Lua modules derived from English Wiktionary. The current status is mw.wikibase = nil and unusable. (Could it be turned on every Wiktionary by default?)

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I believe what you want to be enabled is what we call arbitrary access. To confirm can you please link to a page on English Wiktionary that has what you want to replicate?


Data to be used are already from Category:Language data modules

There are modules in the same names at thwikt.

Ok it seems like this is about arbitrary access indeed then. Thank you!
As @Framawiki said it'd be great if you could point to a community discussion for it.

There is no discussion at thwikt yet. But there is a discussion at enwikt about big changes in data structure last week that applies the extension mw.wikibase on every page. And then thwikt follow it. Current status at thwikt is to modify enwikt's source code that directly links to the Wikidata's "Q" page instead of its sitelink (AKA the relevant Wikipedia's article which should be more useful for readers).

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@Octahedron80 This should work now as the father task T175273 is resolved now.

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Resolved with T175273#4800204.