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Active Editors metric per project family
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Active Editors metric Per project family

We need to think about how would we compute this metric but seems doable.

Please see that active editor metric was somewhat changed to be the one referenced on this ticket:

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Thank @Nuria for the ticket. I'm not sure the description is clear here. My initial demand, which conducted to this ticket, was to have a the number of active Wikisource contributors, regardless of locale versions. This, in order to evaluate number of attendees we might target for the next Wikisource conference.

So, this would be more like number of distinct contributors that made more than ${that much} total contributions in ${wiki project}, regardless of language version.

@Psychoslave I see, we call those (for the lack of a better name) "project families" , example: wikipedia is a "Project Family" and so will be "wikidictonary". That is in fact quite different and probably we should create another ticket about it.

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We aim to have this metric deployed on the API by the end of this quarter (December 2018)

Update: we have had to postpone this work but we have been able to workin other metrics for project families that are computed more easily than this one. Please see, for example, new registered users for "all wikisources":|bar|1-Month|~total

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