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Add Popular Pages Bot to Arabic Wikipedia
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Requested at T185023#4123117

A rough to-do list:

  • See which WikiProjects are interested (most likely Wikiproject Medicine and Wikiproject Film).
  • Get bot approval on arwiki and the bot flag.
  • Add translations to meta:Community Tech/Popular pages bot, along with messages added by the bot such as the header at en:User:Community Tech bot/Popular pages. There are only so many messages in the bot code, so it may be better to have selective translations (e.g. see MusikBot) rather than adding a whole new project on translatewiki.
  • Add the configuration for the interested WikiProjects.
  • Make the bot run as a separate cron job, so that it doesn't have to wait for the long-running enwiki job to finish.

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Thank you @MusikAnimal for applying this request.

We could start with Wikiproject Medicine and Wikiproject Film. I and @alanajjar are active on those projects, and we can help.

Also, you could request bot approval and flag here, and we can discuss there. I don't think there will be any objections :).

The translations and the configuration for the interested WikiProjects shouldn't be a problem.