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[EPIC] Mexico awareness campaign
Closed, ResolvedPublicDec 31 2018


RACI Chart

RJorge, Zack, WMMX
ABlanca, Zack
IPublish to meta

Timeline / deliverable due dates

  • August/September - Baseline phone survey (3-4 weeks) T193592
  • TBD - Filming complete T193412
  • Oct 11 - copy due for landing pages T203493
  • Nov 1 - custom landing pages T200289
  • Nov 7 - Final video cut and in hand T193412
  • ⚓Nov 14 - Latest possible campaign launch
  • Jan 31 - post campaign survey completed T193593
  • Feb 15 - post campaign survey analyzed
  • Feb 15 - short term traffic analysis completed T210813
  • March 1 - campaign report due T210795

Project description
Execute campaign to raise awareness in Spanish speaking LATAM. Includes video launch and accompanying marketing, updates to main page (pending community consultation), and monitoring/evaluation.

Possibility to include TV placement for video as well,


Due Date
Dec 31 2018, 8:00 AM

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Anchoring date is campaign, and phone surveys will be run along that schedule. Needs 2 months lead time to schedule survey.

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T193593#5999345 states that this was completed in 02/2019.
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