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[task] Configure ArticlePlaceholder for nowiki
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It has been proposed to turn on the special page AboutTopic, and it has also been shortly discussed at nowiki. It has been in use at nnwiki for some time, and users at nowiki has been pointed to examples at that site for examples. Discussed at w:no:Wikipedia:Tinget#Forslag: Slå på spesialsiden «AboutTopic».

There hasn't been much enthusiasm, but there are neither any fierce resistance either. I guess it is sufficient for evaluating the special page.

The site nowiki is about four times the size of nnwiki, so the load would be somewhat higher, even if it would be comparable.

See also T130997 and T175172#4151142.

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Any progress?

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Sorry this got lost. I'll put it on the list of things to be picked up.

So we discussed this today and until T195751 is solved the ArticlePlaceholder pages won't show up in the results on Special:Search. But you can link to them. Would that still be valuable for now or would you rather wait until T195751 is fixed?

@hoo Is this ok from the performance side for you?

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