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Leave Wikispeech ready for deployment
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Basque Wikimedians User Group has been working with @ElhuyarFundazioa in order to deploy Wikispeech technology via AhoTTS in Basque Wikipedia. This can also be done easily in Spanish, Catalan, English and Galician Wikipedias, as the AhoTTS technology has this languages ready. But there are some problems listed in T183780.

It would be great to have all this problems solved and get Wikispeech technology ready for deployment in euwiki (at least).

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T180015, T193072 might be relevant for this?

Yes, those will undoubtedly be some of the issues to be addressed.

Added T195031 as an important point to make articles easier to understand.

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Any clue about how is Wikispeech? We are waiting for the deployment, as it was a project due in 2018.

Thanks! (and happy new year!)

Hello! I read that there is funding for this project... could I get some insights about possible deployment dates? Thanks

The new project starts in September 2019 and we will work with WMDE to finalize what have been built for code and security review by the teams at WMF (2 staff members will go to WMDE's office for a couple of weeks). I hope that there will be no major obstacles identified then, and that we will be able to launch it by the end of the year.

Hello! Do we have any news about this? Thanks!

Hello again @Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE! Could I have any clue on how is this project, please?


The new project started a bit slower than we hoped due to other work, but it's started now. There are still some administrative tasks remaining and we are collecting the old tasks to get an idea of what remains before we can request a security review.