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Persistent IDs for Senses
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As a data-reuser I want to be able to refer to Senses of a Lexeme in a consistent manner via stable identifiers.

Currently when saving a newly added Sense on a Lexeme it does not get a stable ID.

Acceptance criteria:

  • New Senses get an ID
  • An ID is not re-used after deletions etc.
  • IDs follow the pattern L123-S1
  • New ID = highest previously used ID +1
  • IDs stay the same after page reloads

GIVEN I am on a Lexeme page
AND I add a new Sense
THEN the new Sense gets an ID

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  1. API use-case
  2. It's not really ideal, it'll be used for linking senses (like in translation), hopefully in the future we will improve on that.
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This all seems to work fine. One thing I can not test is not reusing of IDs because I can't remove a Sense at all. Let's quickly chat about how to move forward with that.