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Next step:


  • quality assure that they have all Swedish church parishes. Last I checked just 800 had a NAD number (unique Archive number from the Swedish National Archives)....
  • add Arkiv Digital as an option [T199907]
  • historical maps ??? has pages for parishes and have NAD as an paramater in a template so maybe its a rather straight forward process to

  • connect to SVAR
  • connect to SCB maps
  • connect to Open Street map

Contacted: User_talk:Amberannelarsen

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This task dependent of T199784: Wikidata cleaning Swedish Church parishes/ Svenska Församlingar

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Feedback Family search that they will implement the above solution....

Next step is a fix a better template

A test template has been created Template:Sweden-NAD2 and a test page

The logic is <Wikidata property> : <argument> ?property= <property to redirect to>

see documentation

Template logic

| label12 = [[Swedish Nationell ArkivDatabas (NAD) Reference Code|NAD Ref Code]]
| data12 = {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}
| label13 = [[Sweden Archives and Libraries#National Archives|National Archive SVAR]]
| data13 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?property=P5324 link]|}}
| label14 = Swedish Wikipedia 
| data14 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?lang=sv link]|}}
| label15 = SCB Congregation map 
| data15 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?property=P778 link]|}}
| label16 = Open Street map 
| data16 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?property=P625 link]|}}

a video how to test it see T201404: create a Proof of Concept with a template

Its live in production

Lesson learned:

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Salgo60 updated the task description. (Show Details)