Construct and personify wiki clusters [segmentation phase 3]
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Based on the attributes collected in segmentation phase 1 and potentially with additional ones added, we want to cluster the wikis into meaningful groups which we can name, describe with personas, and make standard tools for understanding the Wikimedia landscape.

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I've put together the results of the much, much clustering that I did into

We have a meeting scheduled to discuss these results and then it'll be up to the rest of the folks to figure out which clustering they want to use until the data is iterated on and ready to be re-clustered (by me! :D)

@Neil_P._Quinn_WMF fair to call this task resolved?

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@kzimmerman, @Neil_P._Quinn_WMF, and I need to schedule a discussion with @MNovotny_WMF to follow-up on the results

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@kzimmerman and I talked and came up with a tentative plan for me to take the lead on this again in the new year.

I want to do some simple tweaks to Mikhail's clustering (removing inactive wikis and fixing some broken data) and then organize that meeting to review the current clusters.