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2010 wikitext editor does not log timings for most Edit events
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The 2010 wikitext editor does not log any timing values for init, saveSuccess, saveAttempt, and saveFailure events, although it does log them for abort, ready, and loaded events.

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Looks like client-side events get timings, server side ones don't. In fairness... this is tricky.

Though, I thought that init didn't give a timing in any editor, since it's what some of the timings are based on.

Informational aside:

  • ready.timing: timestamp - init.timestamp
  • loaded.timing: timestamp - init.timestamp
  • saveIntent.timing: timestamp - ready.timestamp
  • saveAttempt.timing: timestamp - saveIntent.timestamp
  • saveSuccess/saveFailure.timing: -1 (there's a comment explaining this to be deliberate sabotage to make you work it out from other data)
  • abort.timing: depends on exactly when you abort. It's timestamp - [init.timestamp/ready.timestamp/saveAttempt.timestamp] depending.

Changing the parent tasks here since this doesn't block our immediate metrics work, since event timestamps are precise enough to calculate overall session duration.