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Add the ability to show all entered languages on mobile
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As a Wikidata mobile reader
I want to see the terms in all languages entered for this item
in order to get all the information that might be missing in my interface language

Mockups (fully expanded)

Termbox-Milestone 1-fully expanded.1.1.jpg (667×375 px, 93 KB)

Termbox-Milestone 1-fully expanded.1.1_RTL.jpg (667×375 px, 79 KB)

Design specifications:

  • red areas are touch targets

  • a touch target needs to have at least 48 px by 48 px, the icon/text is placed centered/centered

  • blue areas show the heights from font baseline to another baseline

  • green areas are paddings

  • the red line with an arrow is a keyline which is the strikt border for text content not to overlap with the interactive area

  • the interactive area has all icon buttons to trigger interactions in it

    • in milestone 1 we are only covering the

      • watchlist (star)

      • editing (pen) label, description and alias of the interface language

      • expanding and collapsing (arrow up and down, double arrow up and down)

    • for expanding and collapsing the touch target uses the whole width of the screen

Acceptance criteria:

  • There is a „All entered languages“ link below the terms of the languages the user understands in the interface language (i.e. the link is part of the "more languages" section)
  • When the user clicks anywhere in the defined touch target of the link terms in all entered languages are shown
  • Missing labels, description are indicated by the same wording as used on desktop.Their font is red
  • Missing aliases are represented by an empty line
  • The arrow of the „All entered languages“ line is flipped, once the languages are expanded and flipped back pointing down if it is collapsed
  • The behavior is not sticky
  • the design specifications are followed.

GIVEN I am on a Wikidata item page
AND I click on the „All entered languages“ link
THEN I should see terms in all the entered languages available


  • The behavior should be identical to the more languages section (apart from the stickiness)