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Wikimedia Technical Conference 2018 Session - Working together to develop our roadmap
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Session Themes and Topics

  • Theme: Working together, decision making and responsibilities
  • Topic: Ownership/Decision Making

Session Leader

  • Josh Minor, Corey Floyd


  • Kate Chapman


Audiences, 3rd parties and WMDE all build on top of MediaWiki. In this session we will work together to build part of a roadmap. We will build a map highlighting dependencies and blockers for goals generated by earlier sessions.

Questions to answer during this session

  • How can we build collaborative roadmaps?
  • How do create roadmaps that are not just useful for planning but also communication and resource allocation?
  • How do we apply our process ideals to specific features or goals in a roadmap?
  • How do we deal with feedback and make adjustments while still delivering?
  • How do we go from big themes and goals and ideas to real asks and actionable tasks?

Scribe Instructions

Please make a copy of the notes worksheet located here to take notes:

Facilitator Instructions

Use this document for reference:


Session Structure

  • Define session scope, clarify desired outcomes, present agenda
  • Discuss Focus Areas
    • Discuss and Adjust. ''Note that we are not trying to come to a final agreement, we are just prioritizing and assigning responsibilities!''
    • For each proposition [add etherpad link here]
      • Decides whether there is (mostly) agreement or disagreement and the proposition(s).
      • Decide whether there is more need for discussion on the topic, and how urgent or important that is.
      • Identify any open questions that need answering from others, and from who (product, ops, etc)
      • Decides who will drive the further discussion/decision process (ie: a four month deadline)
  • Discuss additional strategy questions [add etherpad link here]. For each question:
    • Decide whether it is considered important.
    • Discuss who should answer it.
    • Decide who will follow up on it.
  • Wrap up

Session Leaders please:

  • Add more details to this task description.
  • Coordinate any pre-event discussions (here on Phab, IRC, email, hangout, etc).
  • Outline the plan for discussing this topic at the event.
  • Optionally, include what it will not try to solve.
  • Update this task with summaries of any pre-event discussions.
  • Include ways for people not attending to be involved in discussions before the event and afterwards.

Post-event Summary:

  • ...

Action items:

  • ...

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