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CX2: Paragraph added to the translation as just one reference when using external MT
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When translating Lemonade from English to Spanish using Yandex (the issue does not happen when using Apertium), adding the second paragraph (the one starting with "Most lemonade varieties...") results in an empty paragraph except for a reference which cannot be inspected because it shows the message "This reference is defined in a template or other generated block, and for now can only be edited in source mode."

Inspecting the network tab it seems that Yandex was able to make a translation (note the selected text in the bottom panel below "La mayoría de limonada variedades" is the translation for "Most lemonade varieties"), but that could not be added to the target paragraph (maybe because of the problems with the reference, which should not block the process of adding the text). The javascript console shows only warnings but no errors. All this info is shown below:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.49.09.png (904×1 px, 259 KB)

in addition to fixing the specific issue we want to make the process of adding a translation more solid. If there is a step in the process that fails such as processing some reference it should not block the translated content to be added to the translation.

T207445: CX2: Paragraph not added to the translation with MT failure message seems related in terms of the final outcome, but the symptoms and circumstances are different.