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[BUG] Ensure that the TOC message is not cut off on smaller devices and that the TOC slider is visible when the message is shown
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Why are we doing this?

During user testing a number of users noted that the TOC message had some of the text cut off (eg. it was running off of the right side of their screen). Additionally the focus was placed on the upper right corner where the TOC slider indicator usually appears, but the TOC slider was not visible while the message was being shown. This lead to some confusion for 2 users.

User story

As a new user of the app, I would like to be able to read the full text of messages that are presented to me so I can better use the various features of the app, including the Table of Contents.

Suggested solution

  • Ensure that the TOC slider is visible when the message is shown
  • Reformat the TOC message to ensure that all of the text is visible on smaller devices (eg. that no text is cut off)

Event Timeline

cmadeo triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 26 2018, 3:04 PM
cmadeo created this task.

Looks good on a Google Pixel 3 with a 412px device width.

@ABorbaWMF Testing on Wikipedia app 2.7.280-beta-2019-05-01, and the smallest Android I have is BLU Dash L2 with Android 6:

However, my BLU screencap shows it as looking fixed as TOC text and TOC slider now have much better visibility: