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CX2: Adding a link to a non-existent article, shows the link as blue instead of red in the translation interface
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To reproduce:

  1. Translate using CX2.
  2. Highlight some text in the the translation column that is not a title of an article in the target wiki.
  3. Click the Link button in the toolbar. A link inspector will be shown, with the selected text in red, as expected.
  4. Add a link.

Observed: The link is shown as a blue link.

Expected: The link should be red. In addition, the associated link card should display the information in the same way as it is done for red links created from unadapted links (T193233), which shows the "this page does not exists yet" message.

The current problem is illustrated below:

Nov-23-2018 13-40-03.gif (402×640 px, 2 MB)

The expected red link card:

CX-missing-link-confirmed.png (720×1 px, 248 KB)

This is kind of similar to T39901, but I'm not sure at all that it's actually related.

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One additional detail from the duplicate ticket T219686:

Restoring such link also displays it in blue, just with VE's native link context item - T217538.