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Giving "Thanks" on mobile site doesn't show "Thanked" label (and allows for multiple incomplete "Thanks")
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As it says on the tin. When using the mobile web interface (Minerva Neue and/or MobileFrontend?) and giving another contributor a "Thanks" the "Thanks" label doesn't change to "Thanked" upon a successful "Thank".


This behavior persists in both Flow discussions and in pages like Special:MobileDiff. Wherever a "Thank" label appears.

This does not happen on desktop using the Vector skin. I can "Thank" someone and the "Thanked" label remains as it should.

Note: This does not send multiple notifications. Notifications are only given upon the first "Thanks". Subsequent thanks do not fire off email or web notifications.


When giving Thanks to someone the "Thanked" label should persist so as to not confuse the user that more "Thanks" are able to be given for the same action – and to clarify that the "Thank" was successfully sent.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Use the mobile web interface while logged in.
  2. Visit a page where a "Thank" label appears.
  3. Tap or click the "Thank" button.
  4. A notification at the bottom of the screen will appear saying you have thanked someone. The "Thank" button changes to "Thanked"
    1. A similar process happens with the "Thank" link in Flow boards.
  5. Refresh the page.
  6. The "Thank" button is reset. Repeat process x∞

I was using an iPhone Xr and mobile Safari. I was also able to reproduce on a Mac using Safari and Chrome.

You can thank either my personal or staff if you want to test. Here are some example URLs.

Thanks on mobile Flow:
Thanks on desktop Flow:

Diff with Minerva:
Diff with Vector:

A short video showing this in a page revision.

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Possibly fixed by T63737

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