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[BUG] Some CSS selectors break translation input
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What is the problem?

This SVG shows only one translation input, when it should show ~20.

From experimenting, the problem seems to be caused by a <style> element containing:

#percentage_numbers text {
	text-anchor : end;

(It appears to be the CSS selector it objects to, rather than the CSS rule).

When I download the SVG it has not had id attributes added to the <text> elements, nor <tspan> elements added as children.

Another thing I have noticed for SVGs which have this bug is that the javascript variable "appConfig.translations", when looked at in the browser console, is something like:

Object { "": {…} }

where it should be something like:

Object { trsvg2: {…} }

This suggests that the <text> elements are not having their ids set by the tool. So, they are not being uniquely identified and it keeps overwriting the item whose key is "".

Steps to reproduce problem
  1. In SVG Translate, try to view an SVG which contains:
<style type="text/css">
  #percentage_numbers text {
    text-anchor : end;

Expected behavior: Appropriate number of translation inputs show, downloading the SVG should show it having extra id attributes.
Observed behavior: At most one translation is shown. Downloaded SVGs are unmodified.