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Consider moving the blockquote tool to another section of the toolbar
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After the changes from T76426, we should consider moving the blockquote tool to another section of the toolbar.

Previously, VisualEditor treated blockquotes as "single-line" elements, same as headings or paragraphs. This caused issues when pages contained multi-line blockquotes (duh!). Now that they are multi-line and they can contain multiple other elements (e.g. headings, paragraphs, but also e.g. lists), grouping them in the toolbar with single-line elements is weird.

Quoting some comments from the discussion there:

[I propose] moving the tool from "Format" to "Structure":

image.png (696×1 px, 80 KB)
image.png (696×1 px, 85 KB)

Open questions:

  1. Should the tool remain in the "Format" menu? Probably not, as that would allow two items in that menu to be active at the same time, which looks silly.
  2. Should Ctrl+8 remain as the keyboard shortcut? It doesn't really make sense anymore now that this is not the 8th item in the "Format" menu.
  3. Should the tool have an icon? There is space for one now. I wanted to use 'quotes', but it has been usurped by Citoid.
  4. Should we have some styles that make it easier to tell where a blockquote begins and ends, especially in case the user inserts multiple next to each other?


  1. Agreed.
  2. Meh. We have ctrl+shift+5 for strikethrough, and we short on available shortcuts
  3. Yeah - "quotes" is fine for now - if we don't like the duplication we can fix it later.
  4. Possibly - they should be subtle/greyed out so it's clear they aren't part of the read mode styling, a bit like how we have default table cell styling. Some wikis do have blockquote styling though.

Re: changing the location of blockquotes: I know that @cmadeo did some kind of audit when she was look at editing app UIs. Carolyn - did you find the blockquotes functionality located in other places in the UI? (Other than nested under the dropdown for paragraph styles). I'd like to be a bit mindful before moving this because we are trying to maintain consistency as much as possible across the different interfaces.

Re: identifying an appropriate icon for blockquotes: In terms of icon, most folks have it as quotes (even phabricator). Medium has an interaction where you click the button multiple times and cycle through the different options for quote formatting, but I find that to be a touch unintuitive. I'm not sure what to use in terms of the icon though, I suspect that if we have multiple quote icons it could begin to complicate the issue. cc/ @Volker_E

Unfortunately block quote was not a common formatting option:

  • The Notion app places block quotes in with both what we consider paragraph stylings and list styles
  • The Medium app has block quotes as it's own toolbar level option (eg. not related to paragraph stylings)

Currently on the iOS app we're following suit with how VE is handling this, but I'm happy to move this out of paragraph styling if you all come to a different conclusion.

Not based on any testing, but I could see this falling under text stylings (same as computer code), but it does seem like block quote and preformatted text should be grouped together. Is this issue (alienated paragraphs) occurring with preformatted text from VE?