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Make Txikipedia search box point directly to the article if it exists
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When we make a search at Txikipedia ( we are pointed to a search page with all the possible results, instead of behaving like the "normal" search box, which points directly to the wanted article.

Having a direct search would improve the UX for children, who would have difficulties to understand what they are seing.

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There are basically two problems here to be solved:

  • The go feature ignores provided namespaces
  • The InputBox extension will not generate a form that uses the go feature if namespaces are provided (probably related to above).

Also this is important for T209327, as they want to search for help pages directly, without going to a page where everything is listed.

debt added a subscriber: debt.

We'd need to think about how to implement this without causing too much of a stress on the system.

Do we have any news on this? Thanks!