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Create Explore feed cards for add/translate image captions
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There are two types of cards for image captions:

  • “Add caption“ feed cards, shown once the “Add caption“ task has been unlocked (Unlock criteria: T224051)
  • “Translate description“ feed cards, shown once the “Translate captions“ task been unlocked (Unlock criteria: T223131)

Explore feed card logic:

  • Suggested edits has not been unlocked yet: No “Suggested edits“ feed cards are shown.
  • “Add caption” feed cards have been unlocked: Daily suggestions for “Add captions“ are shown in the feed.
  • “Add and translate caption” feed cards have been unlocked: Alternating daily suggestions for “Add captions“ and “Translate captions“ are shown in the feed.
  • There’s always only one “Suggested edits“ card shown for a particular day. If other tasks have been unlocked previously (e.g. Add/translate descriptions), then the suggestions alternate per day, e.g. if all possible tasks that are available to date have been unlocked:
    • Monday: Add description card is shown
    • Tuesday: Translate description card is shown
    • Wednesday: Add caption card is shown
    • Thursday: Translate caption card is show
    • ... and so forth
  • Tapping one of these cards leads users directly to the Add caption or Translate caption flow respectively
  • When users are accessing “Suggested edits” features for the first time, the onboarding dialog is shown. After tapping “Get started“, users are taken to the card they’ve tapped on in the explore feed
  • More details related to “Suggested edits“ explore feed cards can be found in T217373


👉T224600 | Create Explore feed cards for add/translate image captions on Zeplin

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Thanks @Sharvaniharan. I like how you get back to the exact same position in the Explore feed after adding/translating a caption. One thing to improve: after making an edit, the card is replaced with a new suggestion and the date is refreshed (and the order not chronological anymore):

After a conversation with @Dbrant, we think it makes most sense to remove the date completely from all Suggested edit cards, since it’s not really relevant for it. Could you make the changes to represent that, please?

ok @schoenbaechler . will remove date altogether.

ABorbaWMF added a subscriber: ABorbaWMF.

Looks good to me on 2.7.50282-alpha-2019-07-08

Dbrant closed this task as Resolved.Jul 11 2019, 3:52 PM