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FlaggedRevs: Disable sysop protection level on the English Wikipedia
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The sysop protection level in FlaggedRevs should not be enabled on enwiki.

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$wgFlaggedRevsNamespaces is seemingly at fault

Probably means we need to drop $wgFlaggedRevsNamespaces from the top of the file

@Reedy it looks like the same might need to be done here? (but with $wgFlaggedRevsRestrictionLevels)

This is because of something very similar as I described at T225797#5276094. flaggedrevs.php is executed before extension.json from FlaggedRevs is evaluated, and since extension.json sets wgFlaggedRevsRestrictionLevels, it takes precedence. Don't know how to solve this through...

@Reedy it looks like the deployed patch disabled protection completely.

Reedy claimed this task.