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Collection PDF generation doesn't handle <ruby> elements
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Author: mike.lifeguard+bugs

As seen in PDFs like the PDF generator doesn't handle <ruby> elements, which are used for markup of Japanese characters.

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Severity: normal



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Since the URL isn't working anymore, could anyone who is able to
reproduce this attach the PDF to this bug?

Created attachment 8974
Patch showing ruby tags are borked.

Well its outputting the html tags straight (The pdf link may have died, but the example wiki link was still there).

Attached is pdf rendering of

I would expect the pdf rendering to not show html tags it doesn't understand (like what happens in html). [Although obviously it would ideally understand them ;)


@cscott: Can OCG handle anything that Parsoid outputs? If so, can we close this in favour of telling extension developers to add parsoid support?

I'm pretty sure Parsoid supports all the HTML5 ruby elements. I'm not sure what packages to use to get ruby to render correctly in XeLaTeX, but if someone wants to give me some hints I'd be happy to add support.

No issue with current generation of Proton PDF rendering.

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