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Add ISA to tools directories
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In order to make the ISA tool more discoverable, it would be nice to add it to Hay's Tools Directory.

I don't think it's already there at this moment:

Instructions how to do it are listed at the bottom of the page - just scroll down.

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Now that Toolhub exists, should we add it there too/instead?

Now that Toolhub exists, should we add it there too/instead?

I think that makes a lot of sense. I'd prioritize adding ISA to Toolhub indeed. No idea how many people still use Hay's Tool Directory.

I added toolinfo on According to m:Toolhub this should be automatically added to both Toolhub and Hay's Directory (eventually).

I copied the info from various the wiki page, etc. Please have a look and edit/tell me if something looks wrong.

Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE renamed this task from Add ISA to Hay's Tools Directory to Add ISA to tools directories.Feb 7 2022, 2:43 PM

ISA still hasn't been added to Hay's Directory, even though the documentation says it should (if I did everything right). Should I look into getting it into Hay's Directory too, or are we satisfied with Toolhub?

ISA is now also visible in Hay's Directory, with some help from Hay Himself :-)