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Clean up $wgUseSharedUploads defaults
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We have been using $wgForeignFileRepos since 1.11. Reminder bug to check WMF conf to make sure it's not using the old settings, then look at removing the back-compat stuff in Setup.php and removing these. I also don't think people were using the feature very much until Tim added $wgForeignFileRepos anyway.

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Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

I see no reason to remove this deprecated feature indefinitely unless it starts to break things.

Having less configuration variables is always a good thing, imho. As long as it's clearly stated in the RELEASE-NOTES, I see little harm in removing them.

As of:

The following values are still existant and set to the following by default:

$wgUseSharedUploads = false;

$wgSharedUploadPath = "";

$wgFetchCommonsDescriptions = false;

$wgSharedUploadDirectory = "/var/www/wiki3/images";

$wgSharedUploadDBname = false;

$wgSharedUploadDBprefix = '';

$wgCacheSharedUploads = true;

The default value for wgSharedUploadPath is a 404 error and doesn't work by default. I suggest we:

  • Set these to sane (working) defaults.
  • Keep wgUseSharedUploads disabled by default (obviously).
  • Make note of these variables being obsolete in the DefaultSettings.php and RELEASE-NOTES file and shorlty describe what the new settings should be (ie. ForeignFileRepo) so a wiki admin can switch.
  • Don't deprecate or remove them until we have to for some reason (ie. it becoming impossible or cumbersome to support/convert these to new variables)
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The following values are still existant and set to the following by default:

$wgSharedUploadPath = "";

$wgSharedUploadDirectory = "/var/www/wiki3/images";


Fixed by rMW6df8fce796fd: Unset weird ancient WMF-specific shared upload settings.

Change 445756 had a related patch set uploaded (by Krinkle; owner: Krinkle):
[mediawiki/core@master] Clean up docs around $wgUseSharedUploads

Change 445756 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Clean up docs around $wgUseSharedUploads