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[EPIC] Implement user talk pages
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Charlotte renamed this task from Implement user talk pages to [EPIC] Implement user talk pages.Aug 25 2020, 4:18 PM

I've tried the talk pages in 2.7.50330-alpha-2020-09-09, and I've noticed some "bug"

  1. The translation page should be like an article translation layout and not like when you add new languages

IMG_20200909_213148.jpg (1×1 px, 106 KB)
IMG_20200909_213213.jpg (1×1 px, 117 KB)

  1. Subsections are devided from the main topic, and if you try to open it, it opens the wrong section (Go to my Italian talk page, scroll down and open "New requirement for user signatures" [should be inside of "Editing news 2020 #4], it will open "Template E e W"). Sometimes other subsections open the "new topic" page.

Adding @Johan’s comments from Slack here:

So, OK, I don’t think this needs a wireframe, and I don’t know if it’s new or useful or maybe entirely obvious, but this is what I’ve had in mind:Assumption: We’re building for the talk pages we have, not the talk pages we might get but don’t know what they look like.

So the most visually apparent way to distinguish posts from each other is through indentation: :::

Since these pages will have to work on desktop, in the mobile app and on the mobile web we want a way to visualise this that works better on mobile than indentation does, rather than a separate system.

a) We could work with some other visual cue. Very thin lines, for example, for the length of the comment, one line per : and taking up less space than indenting would have done, but filling the same function. Or something else, maybe something that could stack vertically if possible.

b) This could be combined with e.g. what French Wikipedia does where shading indicates where a post starts and ends. This would make it easier to tell them apart.


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